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First Baptist Church of Mt. Vernon, Missouri

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First Baptist Church of Mount Vernon, Missouri

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The staff at First Baptist would like to introduce themselves. If you have any questions, or would like to speak with one of our staff members, please contact 417-466-3735.

Our Mailing Address:
611 South Vine
Mt. Vernon, MO 65712

Our Email:

Tim Burgess, Pastor
Email: tim@firstbaptistmv.com
Date Started: September 2007
Education Degrees: Masters of Theology from Jacksonville Baptist, Theological Seminary. Bachelors of Science from Bob Jones University
Family: Wife (of 16 years), Carmen; and children Jacob, Micailah, and Stephen
What you like to do: Fish & travel.
3 Favorite Movies: The Horatio Hornblower Series; Lord of the Rings Trilogy; and What about Bob (TVGuardian version)
Favorite Meal: Italian Food
Favorite Book: "Pursuit of God" by A.W. Tozer
Most Embarrassing Moment: I was preaching and had borrowed an antique oil lamp from a lady in the church to use as an illustration. I had picked it up while preaching and then set it down and during the middle of the sermon, it fell off the pulpit and broke. Everyone was laughing, except the lady who owned the oil lamp!

Darren Selvidge, Minister of Music
Date Started: June 1, 2008
Education Degrees:
Family: Wife Mandy (19 yrs), son Tanner 10, daughter Emilie 7
What You Like to Do: Sing, Guitar, Spend time with family, camping, canoeing, hiking
3 Favorite Movies: The Patriot, Home Alone, Indiana Jones series, anything John Wayne
Favorite Meal: Pizza, Steak & Shake
Favorite Book:
Any Biography, Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, Good to Great by Jim Collins
Most Embarrassing Moment: While serving as the Minister of Music at a church in Springfield, MO I was walking up onto the platform to sing a song. As I walked up the steps, I tripped and fell flat on my face. I quickly jumped up and acted as if nothing had happened. The congregation could not hold it in, and burst out laughing at me! (I think my wife was the loudest)

Ryan McMillian, Student Ministry Pastor
Date Started: December 5, 2010
Education Degrees:
Family: Wife Jenny, daughter Emery is 2 and another daughter due in April.
What You Like to Do:
3 Favorite Movies:
Favorite Meal:
Favorite Book:

Most Embarrassing Moment:
Elaine Wendler, Administrative Assistant
Date Started:
August 8, 2007
Education Degrees:
High School
Husband (of 19 years) Steve. We were married 5 years before having our first child, Alauria. Our second daughter, Brooke, was born 3 weeks before Alauria's 2nd Birthday, that was fun! And then 2 1/2 years later we got our son Curtis. We had his name picked out , but didn't with the girls because we didn't know they were girls.
What You Like to Do: Spend time with family and friends, vacation, crafts.
Favorite Meal: Anything with chicken (white meat) and chicken stir-fry.
Most Embarrassing Moment: At my wedding! Before the wedding, Steve had been asking which finger he was supposed to put the ring on. The time came at the wedding and he did fine, however, "I" got the wrong hand! I was very embarrassed. I threw my head back, and my cousin that is deaf thought I was going to faint, not realizing what was going on.

Jimmie Lawmaster, Custodian
Date Started - December 1, 1980
Family - Wife of 38 years, Brenda; daughter, Summer
What You Like to Do: Rescue People! (I also am a volunteer Firemen)
3 Favorite Movies: Hope Floats; Little Women; and American Tale
Favorite Meal: Escargo, Caviar
Favorite Book: Encyclopedia Britannica, War and Peace, The Works and Teachings of Plato, The Best of Dr. Seuss

Andrea Short, Financial Secretary
Date Started: October 1, 1994
Education Degrees: Associate Degree in Accounting
Family: Husband (of 13 years) Chad and children Cydney and Conner
What You Like to Do: Swimming and stamping (making cards), love taking pictures, especially of my kids!
3 Favorite Movies: Hope Floats; The Incredibles; and Cars
Favorite Meal: Mom's Manicotti
Most Embarrassing Moment: Laughing through the vows during our wedding!

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